If you feel that you have missing loyalCoins from any purchases you have made, there may be a few reasons for this:

  1. You have not used the card that is connected to your loyalBe account

  2. It has been less than three days since you made your purchase - Purchases can take up to three days for us to track, and it can take a further 30 days for your loyalCoins to be awarded you (although this could be longer for some retailers, payout times are stated on the individual offers)

  3. You have not activated the merchant offer before making a purchase

  4. You used a credit card, connected to your bank account

  5. The access to your bank account has expired and needs to be renewed - with bank-linking, it is a regulatory requirement that your account must be re-linked every 90 days. We cannot award loyalCoins for the purchases made while your account is disconnected.

    If you don't fall into one or more of these categories, please get in touch with a member of the team and we'll assist. It's helpful if you have the following information:

    1. Date & time

    2. Amount

    3. Merchant / Business name

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