When you reach a loyalty threshold for a retailer, we credit your account with the loyalty reward (e.g. a free coffee) and we reset your points.

You will have a reward waiting for you in the 'Rewards' tab on the retailer overview screen which you can reach from the loyalBe 'Home' tab.

For example, if Bobs Coffee offer you a free coffee when you reach 300 points, once you reach this threshold, we will add a free coffee to your account and reset your points.

Example Two:

Hooli Corp offer a free Hoverboard for earning 100 points.
If you have 90 points and earn 20 points for spending at Hooli Corp, you will now have 10 points (90+20 = 110 - 100 = 10), plus the reward. You can redeem the reward in-store or continue spending and earn more rewards.

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